CMPSCI 190DM: Fall 2013

Syllabus and Course Schedule

Prof. David Mix Barrington

Reading assignments are from Ensley and Crawley, Discrete Mathematics: Mathematical Reasoning and Proof with Puzzles, Patterns, and Games, presumably available at the Textbook Annex.

Class meetings are MWF 10:10-11:00 in LGRT 143. There are two midterm exams held during the regular class period as indicated.

PART I: Mathematical Language and Argument

Wed 04 Sep L01  Course Overview (1.1)
Fri 06 Sep L02  First Examples (1.1)
Mon 09 Sep L03  Number Puzzles and Sequences (1.2)
Wed 11 Sep L04  More Puzzles and Sequences (1.2)
Fri 13 Sep L05  Truth-tellers, Liars, and Propositional Logic (1.3)
Mon 16 Sep L06  Predicates (1.4)  (END OF ADD/DROP)
Wed 18 Sep L07  Implications (1.5)
Fri 20 Sep L08  Validity of Arguments (1.6) 
Mon 23 Sep L09  Mathematical Writing (2.1)
Wed 25 Sep L10  Proofs About Numbers (2.2)
Fri 27 Sep L11  More Proof About Numbers (2.2)
Mon 30 Sep L12  Mathematical Induction (2.3)
Wed 02 Oct L13  More Mathematical Induction (2.3)
Fri 04 Oct L14  Contradiction and the Pigeonhole Principle (2.5)
Mon 06 Oct X01  MIDTERM EXAM #1 (in-class) on Chapters 1, 2

PART II: Sets, Functions, and Counting

Wed 09 Oct L15  Set Definitions and Operations (3.1)
Fri 11 Oct L16  Proving Set Properties (3.3)
Mon 14 Oct ---  NO CLASS (Columbus Day Holiday)
Tue 15 Oct L17  (MONDAY SCHEDULE) Logic Circuits (3.5)
Wed 16 Oct L18  Function Definitions, Diagrams, and Inverses (4.1)
Thu 17 Oct ---  Last Day to Drop With W or Elect Pass/Fail 
Fri 18 Oct L19  The Composition Operation (4.2)
Mon 21 Oct L20  Properties of Functions and Set Cardinality (4.3)
Wed 23 Oct L21  Relations and Equivalence Relations (4.4, 4.5)
Fri 25 Oct L22  Introduction to Combinatorics (5.1)
Mon 28 Oct L23  Basic Rules for Counting (5.2)
Wed 30 Oct L24  Combinations and the Binomial Theorem (5.3)
Fri 01 Nov L25  Binary Sequences (5.4)
Mon 04 Nov ---  MIDTERM EXAM #2 (in-class) on Chapters 3, 4, and 5

PART III: Probability, Graphs, and Matrices

Wed 06 Nov L26  Introduction to Probability (6.1)
Fri 08 Nov L27  Sum and Product Rules for Probability (6.2)
Mon 11 Nov ---  NO CLASS (Veteran's Day Holiday)
Wed 13 Nov L28  (MONDAY SCHEDULE) Probability in Games of Chance (6.3)
Fri 15 Nov L29  Expected Value in Games of Chance (6.4)
Mon 18 Nov L30  Matrices and Their Operations (Appendix B)
Wed 20 Nov L31  Matrices and Markov Chains (6.6)
Fri 22 Nov L32  Graph Theory (7.1)
Mon 25 Nov L33  Proofs About Graphs and Trees (7.2)
Wed 27 Nov L34  Connections to Matrices and Relations (7.4)
Fri 29 Nov ---  NO CLASS (Thanksgiving Holiday)
Mon 02 Dec L35  Graphs in Puzzles and Trees (7.5)
Wed 04 Dec L36  Hamiltonian Cycles and the TSP (7.7)
Fri 06 Dec L37  Course Review and Evaluations 

Final Exam (cumulative) To be arranged by the University

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