Arun's headshot

V. Arun

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Office: Room 236
Computer Science Bldg.
140 Governors Dr
Amherst, MA 01003
(413) 545-3651
arun @

Assistant: Karren Sacco
(413) 577-0292
ksacco @


My research interests lie broadly in networked systems. I have conducted research on several topics including mobile and wireless networking, content distribution, peer-to-peer systems, Internet architecture, protocol design and analysis, datacenter systems, and network measurement. Some of my recent research efforts are:

  • MobilityFirst: This "Future Internet Architecture" effort seeks to design an implement a future Internet with mobility and trustworthiness as central design goals. I am co-leading the MobilityFirst architecture in collaboration with Rutgers and several other institutions. Check out the project page for an overview.
  • Robust wireless stack: Seeks to develop a robust protcol stack for diverse wireless networks ranging from well-connected mesh networks to to highly mobile, vehicular, or disruption-tolerant networks.
    • Routing: R3 (MobiCom'11) ensures robust routing performance in any kind of a multi-hop wireless network. R3 builds upon our work on RAPID (IEEE/ACM ToN'10, Sigcomm'07), one of the first DTN routing protocols validated by real deployment.
    • Transport: Hop (NSDI'09) is a "block-switched" hop-by-hop transport protocol that dramatically outperforms TCP and is robust to routing disruptions.
  • Mobile P3: Seeks to optimize performance, price, and power consumption in a multi-technology mobile world. Check out our work on TailEnder (IMC'09) to optimize 3G power consumption, and Wiffler (MobiSys'10) to balance performance and 3G usage.
  • Content networking: Our recent paper (Infocom'11) reveals surprising implications of replicated content on ISP traffic engineering.