Programming Languages Seminar

Administrative Details

Course Description: A project-based seminar, where students implement and evaluate ideas from recent programming languages research papers.

Instructor: Arjun Guha

Time: Tuesdays, 4:00PM — 5:30PM

Location: CS Building, Room 230 (Arjun’s office)

Prerequisites: COMPSCI631 and permission of the instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does this web page suck?

A: I’ve started using Emacs again, so I’ve lost my sense of aesthetics.

Q: What are we doing?

A: You need to pick two recent papers from the programming languages literature that involve implementing something substantial. (i.e., bigger than a mere interpreter, but smaller than an operating system.) Your task over the semester will be to reimplement (a significant portion) of the system described in the paper. It would be even better if you applied the ideas in the paper to a different domain or programming language. The point of the course is to demonstrate that you’ve truly mastered the material. Finally, both papers have to be approved by the instructor before you enroll in the course.

Q: Two whole hours every week?

A: Maybe, maybe not.

Q: Will you help me pick papers?

A: No. You need to pick papers that you personally find interesting.

Q: I am Aaron or Rachit and cannot make it to class at the specified time.

A: That is not a question. Nevertheless, we’ll figure something out.