Arian Akhavan Niaki

PhD Student at UMass Amherst.

About Me

My name is Arian Akhavan Niaki. I am currently a second year PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst working with Professor Phillipa Gill.
My research interest broadly lies in the areas of networking and Internet measurement.



Sharif University of Technology

Bachelors in Computer Engineering

Stony Brook University

Ms/PhD in Computer Science

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ms/PhD in Computer Science


Here are some of the projects I have done during my undergraduate and graduate studies.

TLS Measurement

The main goal of project is to measure several factors about HTTPS servers, including TLS version/Ciphersuites, OS version, supported Protocols (HTTP version), and certificates.

Enterprise Resource Planning System

Analyzed, designed and implemented a desktop based Enterprise Resource Planning system using the RUP methodology. A maintainable fully documented Object Oriented Software.

Hotel Reservation System

Designed and Implemented a web based Hotel Reservation System. Written in Python-Django, HTML, and Javascript. Used MVC architecture and relational databases.

Pingu Search

Implemented a web based search engine on ResearchGate papers. Implemented with Python/Django and indexed papers with Elasticsearch.