Burns, Alyxander, Peter Klemperer, Jaemarie Solyst, and Audrey St John. “Redundant Persistent Acyclic Formations for Vision-Based Control of Distributed Multi-Agent Formations.” Proceedings of the 31st Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry (CCCG 2019). 29-35.

Burns, Alyxander, Bernd Schulze, and Audrey St John. “Persistent multi-robot formations with redundancy.” Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems. Springer, Cham, 2018. 133-146.

Guest Lectures and Invited Talks

Guest Lectures:

  • “Performance and Pipelining,” What’s in the box (Fall 2018)
  • “Subtractive Manufacturing Techniques,” Make (Spring 2018)
  • “Project Inspiration and Management,” Make (Spring 2018)
  • “Common Performance Metrics,” What’s in the box (Fall 2017)

Research Talks:

  • “Persistent Multi-robot Formations with Redundancy.” Senior Symposium, Mount Holyoke College. Apr. 2017.
  • “Persistent Multi-robot Formations with Redundancy.” 13th International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems. Nov. 2016.

Teaching & Mentorship

Instructor of Record:

  • “Circuits, Robotics and Arduino” (Summer 2019, Pre-College)

Teaching Assistant - UMass Amherst:

  • “What’s in the box?: How computers work” (Fall 2019, 2018, 2017)
  • “Introduction to Introduction to Programming with Python” (Spring 2019)
  • “Make: Physical Computing” (Spring 2018)


  • PhD Mentor, University of Massachusetts Amherst (2019)
  • Eureka! Creative Computing Workshop Mentor, Girls Inc. of Holyoke (2017 - 2019)