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Alex Scarlatos

My goal is to leverage software, art and education for the betterment of society. I'm a first year PhD student at UMass Amherst, working with Dr. Andrew Lan on applying machine learning to challenges in education. My passions are coding, teaching/mentoring, writing music, playing the classics on piano, and making movies. Some things I'm proud of over the last few years are my work at Bloomberg, my time teaching with Code Nation, the projects I completed while getting my MS at Stony Brook, and the last 2 short films I worked on. I also enjoy traveling the country with my amazing fiancé.

BS/MS in Computer Science at Stony Brook University.


University of Massachusetts - Amherst


My current research focuses on leveraging observed student behavioral data in order to make better predictions about the students. We theorize that the ways students interact with digital learning tools indicates behavioral properties that are more informative than simply looking at their test scores. Once interpreted, these behavioral properties can be used to improve tasks such as Knowledge Tracing, and predictions in Item Response Theory. We are using novel machine learning techniques in order to investigate these theories and build predictive models around them.
I have also been a TA for CS 240 - Reasoning Under Uncertainty (i.e. Probability Theory).

Bloomberg L.P.


At Bloomberg, I work in the real-time enterprise data department as a full stack software engineer. Most recently, my team revamped our whole workflow on a modern web stack (React/Flask/Postgres), where I was integral in both the development and design of the new architecture. I've also been involved in developing and designing tools for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), such as automated release systems and credential management frameworks, to make releasing code easier and more secure. I've mentored 3 incoming team members by teaching them our business logic, helping them learn them new technologies, and guiding them on projects. I have also given multiple presentations and live demos to both engineering and business teams.

Applied Visions


AVI is a software contracting company I interned at as a software engineer. I've worked on a variety of projects that involved manipulating data sets, building data visualization tools and developing software for the web. In addition to development, I worked closely with other employees on project planning. I participated in scrum meetings, sprint meetings, and gave presentations to co-workers on research and progress.



Eduware is a small shop that develops exam-building software for secondary school teachers. I was a part-time web developer, working on the software's front-end, server and database within Microsoft's ASP.NET framework. I also worked on smaller projects using Flash and Unity3D. The company was the first major experience I had developing software and I owe them for getting me an early start in the field.