Welcome to Yun Lin's Webpage

I am a PhD student in the Laboratory of Perceptual Robotics, Department of Computer Science,University of Massachusetts, Amherst. My advisor is Prof. Roderic Grupen.

Before I joined UMASS Amherst, I received my B.S degree from the Department of Electrical Engineering and AutomationHarbin Institute of Technology  in 2008, majoring in Optoelectronic Information Engineering.

Currently I am working on transfer learning in MDPs and peer-to-peer training in human-robot interaction. For more information, please check the following.

Research Projects>>>

KinVi: A Kinect-Enabled Virtual Interface for Windows 7 Control


KinVi: A Kinect-Enabled Virtual Interface for Windows 7 Control

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Kinect Win7 control with fast text input method


Kinect Win7 control with fast text input

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Background Modeling and Tracking in 3D Space with Kinect Sensor


multiple people tracking

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Transfer Learning and Robot Search

I am currently proposing a Transfer Learning Framework for Robotics as the topic for my synthesis project. Transfer Learning(TL) now has three major directions: what to transfer, how to transfer and when to transfer. In order to find an answer to the first question, one must define what knowledge consists of and how to describe common knowledge between different domains and task ... Read More  

Peer-to-Peer Training - Hierarchical Training Methods for Multi-Agent Emergency Response


We propose a hierarchical framework for target search with a multiple robot system that keeps human in the loop. The system builds the search behavior from a single agent.  It can be extended to the situation when more system agents are involved. And then this problem will be even more interesting and challenging when human becomes a member of the team... Read More