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Our Women's Group exists to serve the women of the School of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The chairs for the current semester will plan professional activities for the department to sponsor, to enable the women to discuss academic issues and grow professionally.

Every month we have a department sponsored lunch to give us all a chance to meet socially. We also have invited talks by female speakers from academia and industry. Occasionally we may also plan social events specifically for the women of the department, but those events are not sponsored by the department. Our goal is to encourage an atmosphere that is dedicated to women and our professional needs and goals, as well as to promote a social climate.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact women AT cs DOT umass DOT edu


CS WOMEN'S CO-CHAIRS Co-Chairs for Spring 2014:  

  • Tiffany Liu
  • Cibele Freire
  • Catherine Feldman
  • Cara Magliozzi
  • Niha Venkatathri


  • 2/18 (Tue) Lunch in Room 150; Monday Schedule
  • 3/12 (Wed) Lunch in Room 150
  • 4/14 (Mon) Lunch in Room 150
  • 4/30 (Wed) Lunch in Room 150

The CS Women's group has received generous donations from the following companies/organizations. The donations will be used to sponsor various group activities.

  • Year 2012/2013 - Yahoo!
  • Year 2011/2012 - Yahoo!,Cisco(Mentoring program),Google(for trip to visit in March)
  • Year 2010/2011 - Yahoo!
  • Year 2009/2010 - Yahoo!
  • Year 2008/2009 - Cisco
  • Year 2008/2009 - Yahoo!