Tim Richards

I am a lecturer in the School of Computer Science at UMass Amherst. I teach several courses in the department and participate in a number of research projects. My general interest is in the area of systems including programming languages, compilers, domain specific languages, software engineering, web systems, architecture, and virtual machines. I am also very interested in computer science education and curriculum development.

Contact Information

email: richards at cs dot umass dot edu
office: computer science building room 258
office hours: Fri 9am-11am (Spring 2014)


Here are some research projects I am involved with:


@UMass Amherst / Lecturer

@Trinity College / Visiting Assistant Professor

@Clark University / Instructor

@Springfield College / Instructor


I work with a number of students on several interesting projects. Take a look at who these students are and the work they have done.


In addition to being a lecturer I am also the Chief Undergraduate Advisor (CUA) and part of the Undergraduate Program Committee (UPC). As CUA I am responsible for all things related to advising in the CS department and help run the CS undergraduate program along with the rest of the members in the UPC. I am also a member of the Informatics committee