CS197WP Course Homepage S2017

The goal of this course is to teach fundamental HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through the development of a website. This course is aimed at beginning web programmers who have some experience programming in a compiled language like Java. Since this course only runs for 6 weeks only core concepts of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will be presented.

I encourage you to ask questions in class, or if preferred, by email. The point of this class is for you to learn, not for me to lecture, I am always glad to stop and explain a vexing concept.

Lectures will be punctuated with collaborative exercises where we as a class will put the topics of the lecture into practice. Not all lectures will fill the class's allotted time; any remaining time will be open for students to reading the text and/or work on their weekly project.

Office hours are by appointment only. I work in a shared space so it is imperative that you schedule visits ahead of time.

Grading Policy

All work is assigned and turned in through OWL.


Week 1 2/2

Administration, Introduction to HTML/CSS/JS, Separation of Concerns, Structure and Content

Week 2 2/9


Week 3 2/16

Basic HTML Syntax, HTML tags and their uses

Week 4 2/23

Basics of Design, Mockups

Week 5 3/2

Basic CSS, Flow, Fixed-Width and Liquid Design, The Box Model

Week 6 3/9

Specificity, Media Queries, Responsive Design, Aesthetics, and JavaScript Libraries