Sridhar Mahadevan



College of Information and Computer Science

AAAI Fellow

Director, Autonomous Learning Laboratory

Editorial Board, Journal of Machine Learning Research

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Reinforcement Learning

Representation Discovery

Variational Inequalities

Teaching: CMPSCI 689 (Machine Learning)


mahadeva AT

140 Governor’s Drive

College of Information and Computer Sciences

University of Massachusetts

Amherst MA 01003


Administrative Assistant: Susan Overstreet


I direct the Autonomous Learning Laboratory (ALL), overseeing the research of a dozen PhD students working on a range of exciting projects, from new methods for unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, and transfer learning, to basic foundational work on optimization, and a variety of interesting applications, from astronomy to natural language processing and robotics. ALL has a distinguished record of graduating PhD students who have become notable researchers in AI and machine learning, including several AAAI fellows.

Our recent research is summarized in the following three talks I have given over the past year. These include a new proximal dual space optimization framework for reinforcement learning (RLDM 2015), new transfer learning methods based on Grassmannian manifolds (IJCAI 2016), and a new framework for machine learning and AI based on solving variational inequalities to find network equilibria (AAAI 2015).