I am a second-year Ph.D. student of computer science at Umass-Amherst. My advisor is Subhransu Maji. My research interests are computer vision and machine learning. Here is my CV.


Reasoning about Fine-grained Attribute Phrases using Reference Games
Jong-Chyi Su*, Chenyun Wu*, Huaizu Jiang, Subhransu Maji
arXiv, April 2017 (pdf) coming soon...

Cross Quality Distillation for Adapting Models to Signal Degradation
Jong-Chyi Su, Subhransu Maji
arXiv:1604.00433, April 2016 (pdf)

Depth Estimation and Specular Removal for Glossy Surfaces Using Point and Line Consistency with Light-Field Cameras
Michael Tao, Jong-Chyi Su, Ting-Chun Wang, Jitendra Malik, and Ravi Ramamoorthi
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), Volume 38 Issue 6, June 2016
(pdf, code/dataset)

[NEWS] I will be playing Prokofiev Piano Concerto No.1 with UMass Symphony Orchestra on 4/30/2017 at Fine Art Center, UMass-Amherst. Tickets are avaiable now.
Music that I play

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