picture of Charlie Curtsinger

Charlie Curtsinger

Graduate Student
School of Computer Science
University of Massachusetts


Room 354
Computer Science Building
140 Governors Drive
Amherst, MA 01003


I am a sixth year MS/PhD graduate student in the Computer Science department. I work with Emery Berger in the PLASMA research group. You can see some of what I'm working on at GitHub.


I am working to improve the way developers and researchers evaluate software performance. My work on Stabilizer enables statistically rigorous performance evaluation in the presence of memory layout effects. The effect of changing a program's layout can dwarf the real impact of many compiler optimizations, but these optimizations nearly always change a program's layout by inserting or removing instructions. Stabilizer controls for this effect with randomization. I am currently working on Coz, a profiler that identifies code where optimizations will have the largest impact, not just where a program spends its time. Coz uses a new technique called Causal Profiling to measure the impact of many potential optimizations in a running program.