Arjun Guha

Assistant Professor

University of Massachusetts, Amherst


My research applies ideas from programming languages to attack problems in web programming, web security, system configuration management, and software-defined networking.

Research Group

I work with a great group of students:

We are part of the Programming Languages and Systems (PLASMA) Group, which includes several other students and faculty.

I am also part of the Frenetic and JSWebTools projects.

Prospective Students

I am always looking for students (both graduate and undergraduate) who are interested in programming languages research. I encourage you to read some of my papers and see what I like to teach. I've also written a research statement that describes some of my most recent work. If you find any of this exciting, do get in touch.


  • Rachit Nigam (undergrad → PhD student at Cornell)
  • Nicole Andrews (undergrad)
  • Harsh Poddar (undergrad → Facebook)
  • Aaron Weiss (undergrad, NSF Fellow → PhD student at Northeastern)
  • Jane Tangen (undergrad)
  • Akshay Gadre (undergrad → PhD student at Carnegie Mellon)
  • Nimish Gupta (MS → Amazon)

Recent News


Mailing Address
140 Governors Drive, Amherst, MA 01003
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